Smart Drugs Are Here To Stay

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The pharmaceutical industry is increasingly focusing on drugs that improve brain performance. Preliminary results show that the potential is huge.

Since the scientific journal Nature in 2008 made an informal study on the so-called smart drugs, said 20 per cent. the journal’s readers that they had taken medication to “stimulate concentration and memory.” As many as 79 per cent. of those surveyed believed that healthy adults should have the opportunity to take these drugs (

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The study was a follow-up to a controversial opinion piece in which seven researchers from renowned universities such as Harvard and Cambridge just off wrote in Nature that the world must accept the benefits of performance-enhancing drugs:

“We should welcome new methods of improving brain welcome. In a world where people work and live longer, the cognitive enhancing tools – including the pharmacological – will be increasingly useful when it comes to improving the quality of life and expand labor productivity as well as to prevent both normal and pathological age-related cognitive decline, “wrote authors and continued to address preparations as Ritalin, Adderall and Modafinil:

“These drugs should be considered on an equal footing with education, good health habits, and information technology.”

The Internet is teeming with websites where Modafinil can be acquired with a fuprecept and a few mouse clicks, but in the United States, this trade in the future competition from the established system.

The American Association for doctors specializing in Neurology (AAN), which represents 22,000 doctors, presented in October last year a new set of guidelines, which states that it is both legally and ethically correct to write prescriptions for healthy patients who ask for performance-enhancing drugs such as modafinil.

This allows the use of cognitive enhancing drugs, as the performance-enhancing drugs are also called, grow further in coming years.

While in Denmark is not made study of consumption, according to a study in the US from 2005 to nearly seven per cent. of all students at American universities had taken performance-enhancing drugs, and that up to 25 per cent. of students at individual universities had used drugs in the past year.

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Great opportunities

Areas such as memory, concentration and the ability to effectively use the information in connection with work has long been the focus of the pharmaceutical industry. This applies Memory Farmaceuticals whose founder and Nobel Laureate Eric Kandel in 2002 they caused a stir by predicting that the pills against age-related memory loss would be a reality within a few years.

Kandel had among other MEM1414 in mind, a substance that has been shown recently to improve age-related memory loss in animals, and the company since 2008 has been tested on humans. The company’s director, Alex Unter Beck also said that memory loss “is not necessarily a consequence of old age,” since it does not affect everyone. According Unter Beck must amnesia therefore rather be seen as a medical problem that can be treated with memory-enhancing drugs.

Against the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) keeps Memory Farmaceuticals, however, to the history of that MEM1414 targeting known clinical diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. But when a drug is approved by the FDA, the practitioners to write prescriptions for drugs “off-label”, which for purposes other than it is approved, and thus open new market for producers.

The potential for the pharmaceutical industry is evident when the instance is about Modafinil, a drug designed to treat narcolepsy, but since its introduction has been shown to have a number of unexpected side effects.

A study from 2006 showed that sleep deprived doctors acute concentration, cognitive control and working memory improved under the influence of modafinil. Similarly, two different surveys among students at Cambridge University suggested that modafinil improves short-term memory and the ability to plan and execute tasks like substance apparently also reduced the student’s impulsive behavior, making them more reflective when they make decisions.

As the researcher behind one of the studies, Barbara Sahakian, professor of clinical neuropsychology at Cambridge University, has told the British newspaper The Times:

“Modafinil is perhaps the first real smart drug” and “Many people will probably take it. I suspect that they are already doing it. ”

When the boss gets pusher

Barabara Sahakian was one of the authors of the controversial opinion piece in Nature, in addition to advocating for the safe use of performance-enhancing drugs also affect a number of issues, eg the question of distribution.

Because if not ensure equal social distribution of these substances, will not we just see that the rich are getting smarter, and the poor do not get the chance to follow? Or what about children? If the medication is safe and effective, what’s to prevent ambitious parents in giving their children performance-enhancing drugs?

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