Our Grand Opening – Vision & Future

Welcome To Wokm.Co.Uk

Wokm is a newspaper for people who already know the news and would like to have multiple perspectives on the things that are happening and hear different viewpoints. The newspaper has it as ideal to be a democratic public sphere. We give priority to international trends, new research, books in many languages and cultural events in many countries are treated with knowledge, earnest – and humor.


Five current sections

We currently have five sections, as read by the curious and committed people all over the World. The sections give each its special angle on the world, but in all five sections meet the personalities with thorough knowledge of their subjects – and with own attitudes. We write only about what we think is interesting, and where we can provide a special perspective. We strive for a beautiful and readable language, and we take great care with the images; it should be a pleasure to read the newspaper.
We’re looking forward to bring you all the news from around the world and hope you will enjoy it!  If you have any questions regarding our stories or feedback you’re more than welcome to contact us on the following information:


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